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    The research fields of Mineral Resources Engineering are extensive. Briefly said, mineral resources are obtaining raw materials, and materials are applying mineral resources. Therefore, mineral resources are the main source of materials and other industries.

    There were Bronze Age and Iron Age in history. Gold, silver, and copper had been exchanged by humans as currency. However, the amount of mineral resources used by human beings are increasing rapidly in the modern world. Almost everything depends on minerals in our life. For example, metals are extracted from metal minerals. Have you ever thought what the raw materials for buildings are? The raw materials for buildings are bricks, tiles, and cement. Brick and tiles are made from clay, and the main source of cement is limestone or marble(mineral is calcite). What is the raw material for cosmetics? It comes from pure kaolinite. What is the raw material for glass? The raw material for glass is silica sand, or we calle it quartz. The raw material for wafer and TFT-LCD is also very pure quartz. Plastics are extracted from petroleum. Ceramics also made by natural mineral resources. On the other hand, some very pure raw materials are synthesized by imitating the natural environment for mineral crystal growth. If we do not have pure raw mineral resources, how can we produce great materials?

    Besides, natural mineral resource development, resource and environment, geological disaster, etc. are also the major developing aspects. There is no doubt about the importance of mineral resource engineering and its need for joining together professional people of different backgrounds.

    The research field for Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering can be divided into three parts:

1.     Raw Materials & Mineral Resources Reutilization

2.     Synthesis & Application of Ceramic Materials

3.     Applied Geology & Geotechnical Engineering