2018 Nanjing University of Technology visited


In December 2018, Director of Institute of the Mineral Resource Engineering, Yu-Hsu Chang and Professor Yu-Chuan Wu of Department of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering visited the Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM) in Nanjing Tech University (NJTech) and signed the MoU for academic exchange between the College of Engineering of NTUT and IAM.

IAM was founded in 2012 as a buffer base in NJTech for overseas talents. It currently has four research institutes, including organic optoelectronic materials, nano optoelectronic materials, bioelectronic materials and advanced energy materials, as well as two research centers for soft electronic technology and carbon-based energy technology.

Recently, IAM has published many research papers with high impact factors and are highly cited, and has been accoladed numerous awards. The trip was well received by Professor Feng-Wei Huo, vice-director of IAM, and the academic collaboration and communication program was discussed. IAM professors were invited to visit the School of Engineering of NTUT for academic exchanges at the end of 2019.