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About Us



The Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (IMRE) was established in 2006. Together with Department of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering and Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, IMRE is part of the one-department and two-institute conformation. IMRE is an integrated research institute that is not limited to the traditional departmental framework constrains and encompasses materials science, chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, geology, and geotechnical engineering to implement multidisciplinary integrated research projects aiming to tackle sophisticated systematic problems encountered both in academia an industry.



The scope of Mineral Resources Engineering is extensive, and the development of human civilization is highly correlated to the discovery and utilization of resources. Long story short, resourcing is the acquisition of raw materials, and materialization is the application of resources. Therefore, resources are the upstream industries of materials technology and industry. Nowadays, the demands and needs of modern society on resources are growing, and nothing is irrelevant to resources. The development of resources, resources and environment, slope stability, geological hazards, and so on are also key projects of mineral resource engineering. The importance of mineral resource engineering speaks for itself, and it requires the participation of scholars and experts from all professional backgrounds.




Students who are interested in the study of the combination of fundamental science and applications are encouraged to apply to join this challenging and dynamic team.

Our program focuses on inorganic materials, including resource processing and material processing, resource application and material synthesis, and resource development and geological engineering.